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I am in love with paint as a substance, in its viscous, muddy form and its dry, flexible skin. I build with paint and with color; each layer an event of slow germination fused to the one before it, culminating into a self sustainable substance: a hide of seductive skin-like plastic. The creatures borne from this process evoke in the viewer the sense that they are encountering a strange but familiar form of life- one that oscillates between corporeal body and representation thereof. These imagined beings dance in and out of the abject, finding buoyancy in a life defined by the constant and inescapable force of gravity.

The Accumulations series studies the carnal inner body, the meat and organs of a paint organism through the cannibalizing and reincarnation of older works. I compulsively collect the cast off and detritus of older pieces, small experiments, and assemble them. Shards of paint and silicone become tongues and valves; extrusions of caulk and polyurethane become tubes and veins. These accumulations document the moment where paint, image, and flatness grow from two dimensions into fleshy form en masse.


Andrea Manning is a sculptor and installation artist based in Long Island, NY. She studied at the Glasgow School of Art and received a BFA from Pratt Institute. She's exhibited in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Glasgow, and throughout Long Island. Her current body of work examines the interaction between physical and virtual identity through ephemeral hanging sculpture and installations that explore paint, plastics and fiber as sculptural media. 

Andrea is dedicated to building communities centered around creativity through interactive installations that encourage interpersonal literacy, by organizing a collective of artists, and by developing programs for arts organizations across the LI region.

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